Solve these riddles and puzzles for pleasure or prize
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About Us:

RIDEOVIDDLES.COM is a product of FLY ON THE WALL PRODUCTIONS LLC, a legally-established US-based organization, and is dedicated to providing a uniquely-flavored experience in the world of entertainment to all its welcomed registrants.

The site presents an ongoing potpourri of visual, verbal and logic-based challenges of all levels of difficulty and involvement for the thinking player. Many of these will be fresh looks at the classics. Many will demand of you the ability to open your mind and think outside the box. Many will pit you against like minds; others against yourself and the clock. Many will play to your strengths; others will force you to develop new ones. All will entertain your inquisitive "inner-detective." (But will you be quicker and sharper than your opponents, solve the riddle first, and collect the most points?)

All riddles and challenges are produced by Fly On the Wall Productions and include unique riddle videos (or mystery videos) and the hardest riddle of all soon to come.



This website was created by Fly on the Wall Productions and